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Where your donations go

Knowing where your donation goes within a nonprofit is very important to understand. And on top of that, it’s important to know how much of your donation is going to the mission. So many donors don’t look into these two key points and then they are baffled to learn that some organizations have a surprisingly low percentage going to the actual mission.

Then where is the money going?? Heck if I know, but my guess is into people’s pockets. Yep, that’s right. Some nonprofits out there give more to the fundraising staff than they do to the mission.

Not cool.

So take a few extra minutes and research organizations that you’re interested in giving to. You don’t work your tail off all year long to give your cash-money to a black hole. Hint: is a great resource.

With that being said, it is only appropriate that I explain where OCI’s money goes. This year 70% of our money raised throughout the year will go to the research (our mission). This is on the higher end of the spectrum and we hope to someday increase this number. And where exactly is that money going when it goes to the lab?? People. The BRAINS of the operation. Yes, some money is used for lab supplies but this is actually a very small percentage of the lab’s annual expenses. The real cost comes from the people with the ideas, methods, and the knowledge to push the research forward. The research team funded by OCI is very valuable and they have led the success of the research which can someday save many, many lives.

In the scientific world your research isn’t considered valid unless you are published by peer-reviewed publications. In the last year the lab’s team has been published TWICE by Nature Scientific Reports. For those who are not super science nerds, Nature is a top research publication and getting in there is a big stink’n deal. This shows that we have the right people behind our work and it is OCI’s job to make sure that they can continue on.

If you want to get to know the team click here to see more information.

It is our honor to fund the research at the McDonald Laboratory and we hope you will continue to fund our collaborative fight against ovarian cancer. As they say… it takes a village!

Join OCI in the Fight Against Ovarian Cancer Today.