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Help Progress Ovarian Cancer Research Nationwide

If you are looking for a chance to help progress ovarian cancer research in Atlanta, GA, Ovarian Cancer Institute is the team that can help. We host numerous opportunities throughout the year for volunteer shifts at fundraisers and other similar events. While donations are fabulous for advancing cancer research, volunteer shifts are incredibly invaluable. Being able to rely on our fantastic network of volunteers allows us to put money made from the events and additional donations right back into cancer research instead of worrying about all the overhead costs. Call us today if you want to see our events schedule and find out where you can help our staff.

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Ovarian Cancer Research Opportunities

Our volunteer team helps make everything possible. With your time and energy, we have hosted incredible fundraisers, exceptional speaker series, and so much more to get our ovarian cancer research team the funds they need. Your generosity knows no bounds, and we couldn’t be more appreciative of yours and others unsung dedication to assist in finding modern solutions for this long-existing disease. Below are some of the fundraising events where we’ve seen volunteers like you shine:

  • Teal Cup Golf Tournament
  • Tasting at the Tee
  • Galentine’s Day
  • Speaker Series Events

Why Get Involved With Ovarian Cancer Research?

Unfortunately, there is no early detection testing for ovarian cancer, but OCI was founded to help researchers get the necessary funding to investigate novel approaches. Volunteers help make that possible by bringing awareness to the community. Whatever your story: if you’ve had a family member or friend affected by ovarian cancer, if you’ve lost a loved one to ovarian cancer, if you’re an ovarian cancer survivor, or if you’re a champion for early detection so wives, daughters, and mothers might live longer, fuller lives—please consider joining our team and the fight against ovarian cancer.

Join OCI in the Fight Against Ovarian Cancer Today.