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Get Involved With Our Stellar Cancer Research Funding

Our United States ovarian cancer research team is hard at work progressing the funding for novel research and development surrounding the disease. There are plenty of ways you can assist us. While donations are always gladly accepted, we host several other methods for you to assist our researchers. From tribute funds to volunteering at fundraiser events, you can assist our researchers even by simply joining our mailing list. Doing this will help spread awareness about the disease and how we aim to lessen its effect on our wives, mothers, daughters, and loved ones. By speaking to one of our representatives today, we can help guide you on the journey to collaborating with our cancer research team.

Contact Us Donate Now

hand removing test tube from centrifuge

Donate to Ovarian Cancer Institute

Donations go a long way in helping our team get access to the tools and space required to conduct our research. Most agencies deem these processes “high risk” and choose to keep their name away from such projects, but OCI knows they could be what the field needs to find breakthroughs. We create the chance to find a means of earlier detection and potential treatments for later stages of ovarian cancer. We want to give patients in the United States and worldwide a better chance at survival, no matter when they receive an ovarian cancer diagnosis.

doctor looking at test tube

How You Can Assist With Ovarian Cancer Research

Joining our mailing list goes a long way in terms of support because you are helping by spreading the word about what we are attempting to accomplish. Awareness is critical for diseases such as ovarian cancer. You can also host a fundraising event or volunteer at one of our many occasions throughout the year in the Metro Atlanta area. If you or someone you love is currently diagnosed with ovarian cancer, or you have lost someone to the battle, please consider starting a tribute fund with an online custom page in place of flowers. We’re always happy to help, so if you have any questions about how you can contribute outside of a donation, please do not hesitate to call.

hands removing samples from storage in lab

Request an OCI Speaker for Your Ovarian Cancer Research Event

Knowledge saves lives, which is why OCI founder and gynecologic oncologist Dr. Benedict Benigno is passionate about educating our community about ovarian cancer research. He has spoken to many different groups, including physicians, women’s groups, rotary, garden, and book clubs, and many more. Contact us today if you would like Dr. Benigno to speak with your collective about this “silent killer.” He travels throughout the United States for these opportunities because he dedicates himself to helping everyone get the knowledge necessary for detection and treatment.

Assist in Ovarian Cancer Research by Volunteering

Our team of ovarian cancer researchers could not accomplish nearly the amount they do without the help of our dutiful volunteers. Their time, resources, and dedication motivate us to succeed. We have worked with survivors, their loved ones, and even people not personally affected by this disease. If you consider yourself a champion for the early detection of ovarian cancer so that wives, daughters, and mothers might live longer, fuller lives, please reach out to us today.

Join OCI in the Fight Against Ovarian Cancer Today.