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Ovarian Cancer Institute

It seems appropriate that our new brand was released just before Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month… I wish I could say it was on purpose, but it was merely the result of great work from an excellent team. The brand of the Ovarian Cancer Institute needed a facelift and we felt that we needed to clarify our messaging, really tell people who we are more clearly. So here it goes… our heart and soul is ovarian cancer, the women who suffer from it, the communities who don’t know about it, and – most importantly – the research.

Our mission statement is simple: we fund ovarian cancer research focusing on the areas of diagnostics and therapeutics as well as educate the public and medical communities about the research. The Ovarian Cancer Institute is primarily the funding source of one specific laboratory. This research lab has performed beyond what anyone could dream of … THEY HAVE DISCOVERED A 100% SENSITIVE AND SPECIFIC EARLY DIAGNOSTIC TEST FOR OVARIAN CANCER. Seems unbelievable, since ovarian cancer is typically diagnosed in late stages, but it’s real. The lab has also been working on methods to deliver chemotherapy directly to the tumor without toxifying the rest of the body, like todays chemo does, as well as developing a test that can tell you what specific chemo would be most effective on you. Not the majority of most ovarian cancer patients, but you. Personalized medicine at its greatest.

We discovered that the research and identity of OCI was not completely understood. People often confused OCI with an oncology practice. No Bueno. So we went to work incorporating our scientific basis in our look and our message. For example, the “I” in OCI’s logo is both the letter and a DNA strand, signifying our focus on personalized treatment and diagnostics. Also, you will notice that the “I” and “Institute” are both the only letters in teal. This indicates that we are research based and nothing else. I do enjoy getting the chance to speak with patients who mistakenly call OCI in search of an appointment with Dr. Benigno, but unfortunately I won’t be able to help you there.

We are very proud of our new look and want to continue to shout out to the world about the amazing research we fund. This is where you can come in… I charge you to share our story, our brand, and our website. It is desperately important that women know about ovarian cancer and even more important for them to know that we are working hard to develop better treatment and diagnose earlier. It takes a village and we need your help. What an amazing opportunity to use Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month as your platform to tell your network of family and friends about the signs and symptoms. There are so many opportunities through social media, scheduling Dr. Benigno to speak to your local club or group of friends, hosting an awareness event, and more.

If you’ve been touched by ovarian cancer, don’t get angry… get active.

Join OCI in the Fight Against Ovarian Cancer Today.